In The News

  • Aug. 26, 2015

    We are very proud to share Robert Allen, Code Analyst in our Office of Design and Construction, is one of the members of the New Jersey Forest Fire Service heading out west to help with the large Okanogan wildfire. Stay safe Bob!

  • Jul. 30, 2015

    Here in Facilities we've been helping out during move-in for ah, a few years. We've assembled a list of tips and tricks that we hope will make your move-in experience a bit easier. Whether you are a new or returning student, welcome to campus! Our Facilities Customer Service group is here all year and happy to help.

  • Jul. 27, 2015

    Large energy users such as industrial facilities, hospitals, apartment complexes and universities seeking energy resiliency, stability in energy prices and the ability to operate independent of the grid are increasingly turning toward combined heat and power, or CHP, facilities to meet at least a portion of their energy needs.