Apr. 11, 2017

Trees start blooming, temperatures get warmer and we watch for the right time to transition from heating to cooling. This year we started April 10, 2017 and it takes us about a week to complete the transition on campus.

In the spring, we literally go building by building turning off individual heating systems and turning on comfort cooling, a very time consuming process with the wide variety of systems in our wonderfully old and new campus buildings. Unfortunately there is NO campus-wide switch that allows us to transition to comfort cooling. So you can imagine when it's time for cooling, we get very busy. And if we turn the heat off too early and the weather turns cold again, there is no way for us to quickly turn the heat on temporarily.

Therefore we watch the weather forecasts very closely, and determine the best possible timeframe to initiate cooling across campus. Of course we can't control the weather, and you may experience some warm days before your cooling kicks in. In many of our buildings the heat and air conditioning systems do not function at the same time. Exceptions include research labs and a few other locations which require specific temperature ranges. 

When do I have a problem?

Please call us immediately if you notice any of these uncommon situations:

  • Water leaking out of a cooling unit
  • Excessive cooling
  • Temperatures above 78 degrees, once you know the cooling has been turned on

How can I find the temperature in my space?

  • If you live in one of the residential colleges - you can ask to borrow a Facilities temperature card from your college office.
  • If you live in an upperclass dorm - you can ask to borrow a Facilities temperature card from your dorm assistant (DA). 

Place a Facilities temperature card in your room and in less than 5 minutes you can find your room's temperature. As a point of reference our temperature guidelines in centrally controlled occupied spaces, balancing conservation and comfort, targets heating to 68 F/20C in the winter and cooling to 78 F/26 C in the summer (if air conditioning is available). If you find the temperature in your room is outside of this range, please give us a call, 609-258-8000.