Princeton University Gardens and Walkways

A visitor to Princeton's campus will find beautiful flowers, acres of green lawns, and an astonishing variety of trees. Although much of the open space is park-like in character, there is also a strong tradition of including smaller garden spaces as important punctuations in the campus landscape. The landscape and buildings are interconnected with many miles of pedestrian-friendly walkways--these pathways help define the vistas and context that are vital to a sense of place. 

As part of our stewardship of the physical Campus, the gardens and walkways of Princeton are in a constant state of restoration, maintenance, or upgrade. Completed restoration and construction projects include: Prospect Garden, Wyman Garden, Hibben Garden, and Class of 1976 Garden. Dulles Garden, near Firestone Library, is planned for the future. A number of walkways have been added or upgraded, including Blair Walk, Boathouse Walk, a walkway along South Drive, and new sidewalks along Western Way, Fitzrandolph Road, and Faculty Road. 

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Oct, 2014