Wayfinding on Campus

Over 700,000 visitors and community members navigate their way to and around our campus annually. The goal of the Wayfinding project was to help our visitors find their destinations either on foot, walking our extensive network of pathways and courtyards, or while driving, navigating Princeton roadways and University parking lots. The challenge was to clearly communicate the necessary information to the uninitiated without detracting from the intimate experience of campus for our students, faculty and staff. In partnership with a design firm specializing in wayfinding programs, a coordinated collection of signs and maps was created to assist both pedestrians and vehicles.

The new wayfinding signs began showing up in the spring of 2012 and have steadily increased in number.  Before the 2012 Reunions, 38 vehicular wayfinding signs were installed on campus and on the main arteries leading to campus. Directional signs for pedestrian destinations and parking followed in the summer and fall of 2012. Prior to 2013 Reunions, an additional 32 street signs and 15 walk signs were installed. The final stage of the project will address building signage, by providing buildings lacking clear identification with a new standardized ID sign with the building’s title or address.

Related to the signage effort, the campus map was updated and re-designed in color. New poster size maps can be seen in campus kiosks, such as the one located at the intersection of Frist Lane and Washington Road.

Community information

Project milestones: 
Oct, 2014