The temperature of all buildings on campus are controlled through our engineering and campus energy's central control center, known as CSCS. To save energy and money, we balance providing a comfortable environment for our community with conservation, minute by minute. Our engineers program temperature changes across campus based on classroom usage, events, normal building hours, break schedules, summer camps, etc. It takes an exceptional effort, and we don't always get the temperature changes in every location exactly right, but the annual savings and postive impact on our sustainability goals makes these efforts well worth it. 

When locations are occupied, we established temperature targets to help guide our balancing act between conservation and comfort. Except in research labs and a few locations which require specific temperature ranges, all centrally controlled occupied spaces are programmed to within our "tiger" zone:

  • heat to 68 F/20 C in the winter
  • cool to 78 F/26 C in the summer (if air conditioning is available)

Reporting problems

NOTE: Building HEAT is usually turned on in mid-October

If you believe the temperature in your location is outside our target range, please call the Customer Service Center or submit a service request. We may even lend you one of our limited edition temperature cards so we both can see definitively if your location is outside of our "tiger" zone.

Request heating/cooling for events, working late, etc.

If hosting an event, or using a location outside of normal hours, please let us know ahead of time by calling the Customer Service Center or emailing (link sends e-mail) with the campus location, date and time the space will be occupied.  


Temperature adjustments are provided at no cost to you.

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Did you know?

  • The Facilities Customer Service Center (609-258-8000) is a centralized call center for every Facilities department. They handle approximately 60,000 inquires per calendar year via phone, web, and email.