Building Access Coordinators

Building Access Coordinators (BAC) are authorized by Facilities to grant access to electronically secured buildings. By knowing the people within their building, BACs help Facilities maintain appropriate access controls to their building and the rooms inside. 

Building Access Coordinators are authorized to: 

  • Assign clearance codes to appropriate faculty and staff
  • Change door lock/unlock schedules as needed for events, summer hours, etc.
  • Request and/or update a temporary loaner or contractor/visitor access card 
  • Help resolve access problems for existing cardholders

NOTE: If you are a BAC, please see the Building Access Coordinator Guide for more detailed how-to information

How do I find a BAC?

Refer to the list of Building Access Coordinators (login required)​ to find the appropriate building contact for a campus building, whether for permanent or temporary access needs. Facilities Operations maintains the BAC list and if you know of information that should be updated, please email them at [email protected].

How do I become a BAC?

Please follow these steps to request a new Building Access Coordinator position:

  • To request to become a BAC or DAF, please complete our BAC/DAF Request Form for Card Access (login required) in the Princeton Service Portal. The person requesting to be a BAC or DAF needs to submit the form for processing.

  • All new BACs should review the Building Access Coordinator Guide to understand the role and responsibilities and comply with CACS general procedures
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