Nassau Hall Roof Replacement & Cupola Restoration

The roof and cupola rising above our iconic Nassau Hall was the center of a restoration project. Scaffolding enveloped the entire building to support the craftspeople and materials that replaced the roof, restored the cupola, resurfaced the clocks, and enhanced roof access safety features. Even the weather vane, which was rusted in place, was restored. The project included local craftspeople and contractors. The project was completed in December of 2018.

To discover more about the history of Nassau Hall please visit Mudd Library's Architecture of Nassau Hall blog. During the restoration, the bronze Class of 1879 tigers flanking the front steps will be boxed for protection. To find other tigers around campus, please visit Princetoniana's Tigers prowl around Princeton Campus

On September 13 the weather vane was reinstalled and we are happy to report it is able to move again!

Image removed.weathervane.mp4

Project Milestones
Scaffolding and fencing surround Nassau Hall
Roof replaced (around cupola)
Clock face restored
Cupola restored and roof replaced (under cupola)