Blair Arch: One of the most beloved spots on campus is Blair Arch, at the juncture between Blair and Buyers halls. Built in 1897, Blair Hall marked the western edge of campus for 20 years and its architects, the firm Cope & Stewardson, were masters of the Collegiate Gothic style. The arch also served as a gateway to the University for passengers disembarking from the train into town. Due to its exceptional acoustics, Blair Arch now is the setting for performances by more than a dozen student a cappella groups; it is also the site of traditional step sings by the freshman class at the beginning of the academic year and by the senior class before Commencement.

Noise, 9a - 5p

You may hear machinery noise as Facilities and an outside contractor, D and D Drill and Fill, drill and fill lawn areas around Mathey College. We expect to complete this work by December 13, however, we may need to extend the work into the weekend due to weather. 

Water interruption, 9a - 2p

The Plumbing Shop needs to shut the water off in Blair Hall between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. to repair a leak, please plan accordingly. Service will be restored as soon as possible.  

Once service is restored, please allow it to run for 30 seconds to remove any impurities. Thank you for your cooperation.

Hot water outage, beginning 7am

Facilities Engineering, HVAC and PJM Mechical will be working in the mechanical rooms at Campbell (after 8:00 am) and Joline.  There will be no hot water in the locations listed below during this time. Please plan accordingly. Service will be restored as soon as possible. 

Once the water is restored, please allow it to run for 60 seconds to ensure any impurities pass through the pipes. 


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