Historic house, new home

March 3, 2023

After 96 years, the historic brick Tudor Revival building that once stood at 91 Prospect Ave. has a new address — 110 Prospect.

Princeton University completed moving the former Court Club, one of the University’s eating clubs, on Friday, Feb. 17, after months of meticulous preparation and eight days after first rolling the building away from its original foundation.

The sight of the massive structure — lifted about eight feet into the air and set atop a framework of steel beams and 30 hydraulic wheel dollies — drew a crowd of onlookers each day starting when the move began Feb. 9. Some stood for hours watching from either side of a closed section of Prospect Avenue, and also from every level of the Prospect Avenue Garage. Their ranks included faculty, staff, students, neighbors, alumni and curiosity-seekers from throughout the area.

Read more about the building's move on the Princeton University website.