New Interactive Wayfinding App Launched

Written by
Frances Hannan, Facilities
Aug. 16, 2023

To better help the campus community and visitors navigate Princeton’s growing campus, a new, interactive map app has been launched with the start of the academic year. 

The Princeton Campus Map app offers live, turn-by-turn directions to points on campus using the new wayfinding system first introduced in 2022. Users can select walking, biking or transit routes, with accessibility features that will generate a route that avoids steps or steep slopes.  

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To develop the wayfinding system and new app, Princeton partnered with global design firm Applied Information Group, which has designed wayfinding systems for cities such as London, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro, and institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park.  


Features of the new campus wayfinding app. 

Photo courtesy of Applied Information Group

“Our new campus wayfinding system, and in particular this digital version, are specially designed to create a welcoming campus for all members of the campus community and particularly for visitors, alumni and prospective students,” University Architect Ron McCoy said. 

The process for developing the app started in 2019. The Facilities team, led by Aaron Feldman and Dan Casey, and Applied Information Group worked with representatives from across campus to generate a user experience that is intuitive and inclusive. 

Much like popular map and GPS apps, the Princeton Wayfinding app allows the user to generate a route from their current location to any building on campus. Users are given route options and estimated travel times and can drop pins at locations on campus of their choosing.  

The app also pulls information from all over campus so users can not only navigate campus but also explore it; users can find more information about the public art installations and get background information — like open hours, food and drink options, or which academic departments are inside — about the building they might like to visit.  

“Combined with the campus map kiosks, directional signs and transit information, the campus wayfinding app creates seamless experience for those on campus,” Project Manager in the Office of Capital Projects Aaron Feldman said. “From the moment a visitor or new student steps foot on campus, these tools provide intuitive directions to and from their destination, regardless of their ability, familiarity with campus or methods of travel.” 

The app is open for downloads with additional features planned. Some of the future integrations will include live campus detour reporting and parking availability. The building profiles in the app will also detail accessibility features present in the respective building after a campus survey project in partnership with Access Able is launched in early 2024. 

Download the Princeton Wayfinding in the Apple App Store or in Google Play.


We welcome your feedback on the app. Please send any updates or bugs to [email protected].