May. 8, 2019

It is that time of year, and whether this is your first move-out or your last, we often get questions about how this all works. Facilities helps with some move-out activities, and thanks to Facilities Customer Service we compiled answers to our top five move-out questions. As always, feel free to explore our services, or call Service Center (609) 258-8000 for more information. Have a great summer!

Q: I have stuff I don't need anymore, is there a place to donate on campus?

A: Absolutely, if you can't keep it or sell it, please donate it! Every spring, the EcoReps Move Out team partners with local charities and organizations to donate any used or unwanted items from campus dorms. As you move out, please bring unwanted items to a Greening Move Out donation station staffed with EcoReps (May 20-25 and June 4-5, 2019). Donations not only lighten your load, they help in three tangible ways: 

  • Sustainability - Decrease the number of used, yet reusable, items sent to the landfill 
  • Facilities staff - Decrease the number of abandoned items left to our Facilities sanitation crews
  • Students - Increase the inventory for arriving students next fall during the EcoReps move in resale

Q: Where can I find one of those big, wide orange carts?

A: Whenever you see an empty orange cart, feel free to grab it! The bad news is we have a limited number of orange carts and they are on a first come, first serve basis. The good news is you don't need to make a trip to MacMillan to reserve or pick up a cart, just grab an empty one anywhere you can find one around campus. When the campus quiets down, we find them and take care of storing them until they are needed for move-in next year.

Q: I moved into a different room, in a suite, and why hasn't it been cleaned?

A: We get a few calls at the end of the year asking this very valid question. The answer includes both understanding our practice of not entering suites while they are still occupied, and understanding some suite rooms are used temporarily at the end of the year. If you move into a suite that has at least one other occupant that has not moved out yet, even if you are just switching rooms within the same suite, we do not clean the suite until everyone has left. As you know, some student rooms are left cleaner than others.

If you are not the last person to leave your suite, please be considerate of those that will use the room after you during end-of-the-year activities.   

Q: Will I get charged for X in my dorm room?

A: Well, our best advice is if you notice a maintenance issue contact our Service Center as soon as possible, we are here to help. Issues usually don't get better if left unchecked. Call us at 609-258-8000 or submit a work order request form right from your phone. Yup, it is that easy! Housing inspectors check dorm rooms at the end of each school year and assign fines for rooms "left in extraordinarily poor condition." Please refer to Housing's Prepare for Room Inspection guidelines for more details. 

Q: What are my storage options over the summer?

A: Princeton University Student Agencies provides great moving and storage service options. Due to space limitations, the University offers limited storage to students in specific circumstances only. Visit Undergraduate Student Storage or Graduate Student Storage for more details.