Effective today, the north sidewalk of Ivy/Western Way needs to close for approximately 4-5 months due to the loss of power to the north side street lights. Pedestrians can use the south sidewalk with active streetlights and cross at the existing crosswalks.

 Additionally, all pedestrian and bike traffic has been rerouted around a utility project located adjacent to Ferris Thompson Apartments, using Roper Lane for north-south travel between Prospect Avenue and Ferris Thompson Apartments (detour map below). Please use caution and follow the detour signs when you are in the area.

 detour around utility work September 2021

  • Sidewalk closure
Outage type: 
Outage period: 
9:00am Friday, Sep. 3, 2021 to 9:00am Monday, Jan. 31, 2022
Affected locations:
  • Ferris Thompson Apartments