In preparation of the Geo-Exchange and stormwater installation that will commence this Summer 2023 on Poe Field, Facilities will be performing flood tests in two phases over the next few weeks on Poe.  The flood test involves filling holes in several locations with water to evaluate how long the water takes to infiltrate the existing soil.  These tests will help us to understand the soil makeup and finalize the design of the stormwater management system in and around Poe Field.  This system is a part of a campus-wide stormwater management strategy that will reduce runoff into storm drains and the lake and encourage stormwater infiltration into the soil.

  • Where: Poe Field
    • Phase 1 – Approximately 6 test pits (5’ x 10’) on the north side of Poe/Pardee field closest to Bloomberg, Scully, Icahn, and Lewis Thomas
    • Phase 2 – Approximately 9 test pits (5’ x 10’) on the south side of Poe/Pardee field closest to Yeh, NCW, PNI
  • Date: February 6 - 21
    • Phase 1 – Monday, February 6 – Friday, February 10
    • Phase 2 – Monday, February 13 – Wednesday, February 21
  • Time:  8:00 am – 4:00 pm (weekdays only)
  • Impact / Noise:
    • Equipment will be utilized to dig the test pits, fill the holes with water, pump out the water and then backfill or fill in the holes to restore the field.  Minimal noise is associated with this equipment while in use.
    • Each test pit location will be secured with fencing around its perimeter and holes will be covered within that fenced in area.
    • Pedestrian pathways are not anticipated to be impacted at this time; however, signage will be in place to direct pedestrians if temporary detours become necessary to maintain safety.
    • Vibration and noise associated with this activity is not anticipated to affect surrounding buildings.

We appreciate your patience as this work is completed.

  • Test Pits
Outage type: 
Outage period: 
8:00am Monday, Feb. 6, 2023 to 4:00pm Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2023

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