Princeton University Facilities supports the academic mission of Princeton University by providing the spaces necessary for an immense variety of teaching and research endeavors. Preserving the beauty of our historic campus is paramount in everything we build, landscape, maintain and renovate. All planning and design is overseen by the Office of the University Architect and guided by the Princeton Campus Plan, the Sustainability Plan and Campus Mobility Principles. Explore our active projects to see what's coming to campus in the future. 

Campus Planning

The 2026 plan will be remembered for providing flexible options for stewardship of the central campus, renewal of the eastern campus and, with the option to expand across Lake Carnegie, a vision for a fundamentally new era in the history of the campus. Our challenge was to create a framework that will guide the development of a campus as successful and meaningful to our successors as the campus we have inherited has been to all generations of Princetonians.

Ron McCoy, *80, University Architect

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Campus Mobility Principles

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Temporary Campus Pathway Planning

Princeton University has entered an unprecedented period of construction as it delivers its 2026 Capital Plan. While the plan’s many projects will provide essential and cutting-edge facilities in support of the University’s mission and make progress towards ambitious sustainability goals, this period of construction will include temporary disruptions to the physical campus that must be managed and mitigated to support ongoing residential life, teaching, research, operations and events. In addition, while one project’s adjacent impacts may not present a major disruption to pedestrian or bicycle movement when taken alone, primary corridors may be severely disrupted if not carefully coordinated with adjacent projects.

intercept interview notes

The Temporary Campus Pathways project team focuses specifically on people walking and biking through campus during construction. Core tasks are:

  • Provide guiding principles (see below), in alignment with the Campus Mobility Framework
  • Provide a comprehensive detour and traffic management guidance and standards to minimize and mitigate disruption to pedestrian and bicycle circulation
  • Prioritize safety, accessibility, travel time and wayfinding

The goal of the Temporary Campus Pathways team is to provide clear standards and processes for the campus network that construction project teams can readily apply to ensure major corridors and connections throughout the campus are not only maintained in concert, but are easy and safe to navigate by people of all ages and abilities.

The team has, and will continue, to engage the community in intercept interviews to understand how campus construction is impacting the University Community, especially at specific pain points. From these surveys we've already improved our pathway maps, installed more lighting, and upgraded critical pathways. Please contact the Facilities Service Center, 609-258-8023, if you notice an unsafe condition on campus.


campus detours

Map as of July 2023, view detour details

Pathways Map

Temporary Pathways Map September 2023

Path to Net-Zero

Going deep: Princeton lays the foundation for a ‘net-zero’ campus - "a complete rethinking is required on how energy is used and supplied in every lab, every office, every dorm room, in each parking lot and garage — even on pathways and playing fields"

Making the switch to a net-zero mindset: ‘Addressing the climate problem is not a technical fix alone.’ - "Remember to shut the lights — and the fume hoods"

The time is now "using the opportunity to lay the foundation needed to achieve “net-zero” greenhouse gas emissions before mid-century"

Princeton Builds Energy

Geo-Exchange Explained

Student Viewpoint

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