Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

The Andlinger Center for the Energy and Environment will support a vibrant and expanding program of research and teaching in the areas of sustainable energy development, energy conservation and environmental protection and remediation.  The center will pursue these studies with an eye towards translating fundamental knowledge into practical solutions that will enable sustainable energy production and the protection of the environment and global climate from anthropogenic change.  

This new building will become the home of the Andlinger Center. The laboratory will be located in the area south of Engineering Quad bounded by the A-Wing, the E-wing, and Bowen Hall. The new three-story facility will extend one story below grade and include specialized engineering laboratories, offices, support spaces and a lecture hall. The building will be internally connected to Bowen Hall and to the 200 level of E-Quad via a bridge. Approximately 3,300 nsf of Bowen Hall will be reassigned and renovated for programs of the Andlinger Center. 

Sustainability features: 
Shower facilities for bicycle commuters
Rainwater harvesting
Radiant panel heating system
Energy-efficient lighting and controls
Daylight Harvesting
Cascading airflow from office areas to laboratory
Green roof
Low-flow plumbing fixtures
High performance exteriors
Heat recovery systems for air handling units
Condensate re-use
Project milestones: 
Start Excavation
Apr, 2012
Start Structural Steel
Oct, 2012
Complete Foundations
Dec, 2012
Start Tower Construction
Feb, 2013
Complete Superstructure
Jun, 2013
Complete Exterior Envelope
May, 2014
Cleanroom Protocol Level 4 Achieved
Sep, 2014
Major Construction Complete
Mar, 2015
Move In Begins
Nov, 2015

Project updates