Architecture Lab Replacement

The existing Architecture Laboratory was renovated to become home for the Laboratory for Embodied Computation. This supported the university's initiative to improve teaching in the areas of Achitecture, Engineering, Fine Arts, and Computation. Faculty and students can expand the horizons of their work by designing and constructing new models that take advantage of high-tech instrumentation.

This project includes new specialized laboratories to study model theory and experiment with robots, sensors and other interfaces between computers and the physical environment. In this facility students and faculty can build and test models, building systems and technologies. This new lab greatly increased the effectiveness of our students and faculty to test both model size and full scale building components. 

Highlights of the new lab facility

  • Flexibility to meet both research and teaching needs
  • Feature sustainable practices in architectural construction
  • Share condensate reuse from the Frick Chemistry building
  • Retain the existing LaBatut Pavilion housing the robot installation
  • Create a large, open flexible lab space leveraging the existing footprint
  • Create an exterior research space
Sustainability features: 
Healthier materials and finishes
Radiant panel heating system
Condensate re-use

Project updates