Brown Hall Renovation

Brown Hall was designed in 1890 by John Lyman Faxon and has served as an upperclass dormitory for many years. This project created a new building portal (archway) in the south façade of the structure allowing a new point of access and egress from Brown’s interior courtyard out towards the walkway near Cuyler Hall to the south. Granite stairs connect the higher elevation of the interior courtyard with the lower exterior walkway by Cuyler. The new archway replicates the existing classical revival style of the existing north portal. In addition, the central courtyard received new landscaping. Bathroom replacements, a new student laundry facility, and trash chutes were also completed. Building system upgrades include a new fire alarm system, heating system steam controls and emergency lighting enhancements.

Sustainable features
Energy-efficient HVAC system and controls
Low-flow plumbing fixtures
Year Completed
Estimated completion
Fall 2010
Program/Project Manager