Butler Residential College

Part of the Residential College construction program, this new 288 bed complex was built on the site of the former Butler dorms. This project comprises a group of two to four story buildings that complement the historic campus with contemporary architecture. The new layout enhances connectivity with the existing campus by strengthening and connecting walkways and vistas.
Many sustainability features have been incorporated in the design. Some of the new dorms feature environmentally friendly "green roofs,” where the structure is covered with a waterproofing membrane topped by soil and vegetation. This has the potential to reduce heating and cooling loads and decrease stormwater runoff. Natural light brightens nearly all the interior spaces and high-efficiency plumbing fixtures will reduce water consumption. The buildings are designed to use 30% less energy than what would be expected under current building codes.

Sustainable features
Rainwater harvesting
Energy-efficient HVAC system and controls
Green roof
Year Completed
Estimated completion
Fall 2009
Construction Manager