Campus Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade Project

The Princeton campus is currently fed electricity from two PSE&G substations - one at Elm Drive and one at Charlton Street. Combined, these two have a capacity of 30MW. While this is sufficient capacity for today, any significant new building construction will require a new substation to maintain an adequate supply. Studies performed in 2005 and 2013 have identified the need for a new 75MW substation to alleviate the capacity limit on PSE&G’s existing supply to campus. The University has decided to construct a new substation in West Windsor where PSE&G has sufficient capacity and power the campus from it. Substation construction requires 2 - 3 years and is already underway.

The project will proceed in four overlapping phases. First, directional drilling from Princeton Campus to West Windsor will provide a large conduit for power and OIT data lines between these two areas. This will provide future connectivity and allow the extension of the campus network to West Windsor. Next, when the new 69kv substation comes online in West Windsor, the existing substations and feeds will be upgraded, replacing 30 yr-old transformers at Elm Drive. The project will also construct a storm water basin for the new substation and replace obsolete switchgear in the turbine room under Dillon Gym to increase reliability and provide additional capacity.​

Year Completed
Estimated completion
Spring 2020


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Directional Drilling
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