Firestone Library Renovation

In light of the library's central role in the University's mission, Princeton University moved forward with plans for a complete renovation of Firestone Library. The project was completed without closing the entire Library at any point in the process. 

Project Goals

The planning for the renovation of Firestone was focused on creating a building that is well-suited to support modern library services and contemporary approaches to scholarship while also providing the proper environment for one of the world's great book and manuscript collections.
Principles guiding the renovation included:

  • Improving navigability and wayfinding throughout the building, especially in the open stacks.
  • Improving the quality of user spaces, including graduate study rooms, carrels, quiet public reading rooms and seating in the stack areas.
  • Creating more efficient shelving layouts.
  • Creating a larger and consolidated space for the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections.
  • Concentrating exhibit spaces on the first floor.
  • Consolidating library service points into more efficient and effective groupings.
  • Designing efficient and comfortable staff spaces.
  • Bringing the building into compliance with current building and fire codes and accessibility standards.
Sustainable features
Healthier materials and finishes
Energy-efficient HVAC system and controls
Energy-efficient lighting and controls
Low-flow plumbing fixtures
Year Completed
Estimated completion
Winter 2019


Program Manager
Project Manager