McCosh 50 Renovation

Located within McCosh Hall, which was constructed in 1907, McCosh 50 seats 445 including the main floor and balcony. This popular teaching space exhibits much of the unique architectural character from the original building design, including wood and stone finishes and the original seating. However, the classroom is in need of functional, aesthetic and building system improvement. It is heavily used with activities ranging from large undergraduate classes to important lectures from renowned faculty and guest lecturers from around the world. Unfortunately, it suffers from poor acoustics, an aging squeaky floor, substandard lighting, an obsolete A/V system, uncomfortable seating, and an outdated HVAC system.

The renovation of McCosh 50 will include improved visual, acoustical, and environmental conditions, and a commitment to innovation, technology, and new ideas while maintaining respect and resonance with the historic character of the existing building. The project will be done in two phases over the summers of 2019 and 2020. The first phase will bring new wood acoustical ceiling panels, enhanced lighting, HVAC work, and new paints and finishes. The second phase will see a new wood floor, new wood chairs with padded seats, video wall and AV System, new chalkboards, and accessibility improvements.


Sustainability features: 
Energy-efficient lighting and controls
Sustainable materials selection