Stanworth Apartments

Located on Rt.206/Bayard Lane (about a ten-minute walk from campus), this complex has provided housing for Princeton faculty, staff, and their families for over 60 years. This renewal project, which will be known as Stanworth Apartments, will feature a mix of apartments and townhomes, including some affordable units available to local residents with low-to-moderate incomes. The development is part of the University's ongoing Housing Master Plan to augment housing programs for faculty, staff and graduate students, as well as the Campus Plan, which guides campus development through 2016.

Built in two phases, the initial phase of development will be located on the site of the former Merwick Rehabilitation Center. Construction will begin with the development of 128 units comprising two-story townhomes, two-story multifamily stacked flats, and three-story apartment buildings. 

The second phase of development will be at Stanworth in 2014 and will include the redevelopment of 198 units comprising two-story townhomes and two-story multifamily stacked flats. The existing 154 units at Stanworth will be demolished and the new structures are designed to be built on the footprints of the old apartments in order to preserve as many trees as possible.

Sustainability features: 
Stormwater management
Sustainable material selection
Energy-efficient HVAC system and controls
Energy-efficient lighting and controls
Energy STAR appliances
Low-flow plumbing fixtures