The TIGER building is a single-story structure combining both geo-exchange utility facilities and operations spaces to expand the University’s capacity to deliver thermal energy, as well as storage and operations space for Princeton Athletics. The Athletics Operations space supports the Athletics program and includes an enclosed exterior equipment yard for vehicle and equipment storage, maintenance spaces, and offices. The geo-exchange utility space will house required equipment and electrical rooms at ground level along with limited mezzanine space. Shared program spaces for both uses are located in the middle of the building. In addition to the main TIGER building, two Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Tanks, two electrical transformers, and a natural gas generator are located on the project site.

The TES Tanks are used to store water that will be utilized to heat and cool campus, which is a key component of Princeton’s long term commitment to carbon reduction and overall sustainability. These tanks are designed and sized to allow utilities to be produced and stored during times of the day that are both economically and environmentally advantageous. The tanks are located to allow for the highest level of landscape screening with both existing mature trees and the addition of new trees and landscaping along Faculty and FitzRandolph Roads. The tanks will be lowered into the ground to reduce their overall height to be in keeping with the TIGER building. An architectural screen has been designed to further refine the aesthetics of the tanks.

The Project supports the University’s shift toward more sustainable production of energy and is a critical component in Princeton’s ambitious goal of carbon neutrality by 2046. The building integrates sustainable design strategies and approaches to meet the requirements of LEED and will contribute to achieving Princeton’s institutional performance targets.

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