Whig Hall Renovation

Whig Hall, along with Clio Hall, were designed in 1895 by A. Page Brown as a pair of identical debate clubs. This rich historical legacy continues today as the American Whig-Cliosophic Society, now housed exclusively in Whig Hall. The classical Greek Ionic structures were replacements for similar but smaller buildings originally sited in their current locations. They served the university well until 1969 when fire completely gutted the interior of Whig Hall. It was rebuilt in 1971 and has undergone no renovations of significance in nearly 40 years.

Opportunities to incorporate additional maintenance, firecode and accessibility improvements were considered in a project study undertaken by the consulting architects. These included bathroom improvements, roofing and envelope repairs, finishes upgrades, sprinkler installation, egress path improvements, new card access and new fire alarm systems, lighting upgrades, accessible bathroom facilities, improved accessibility to interior spaces and properly sized mechanical rooms with adequate clearances for maintenance. All aspects of the work required the building to be taken off-line to benefit from the economies of scale when combined into a single project.

Sustainable features
Energy-efficient HVAC system and controls
Energy-efficient lighting and controls
Year Completed
Estimated completion
Fall 2009


Consulting Architect
Project Manager