Each year Facilities celebrates the extraordinary efforts of our staff through our Facilities Recognition Awards. Each year we ask our staff to think about their colleagues and submit nominations for those whose work, character, dedication, and integrity has stood out over the last year. To nominate a co-worker, visit the Facilities Award and Recognition page on the Facilities Insider and select one of the an online nomination forms.

*Please note, if you do not work in Facilities and would like to nominate a Facilities employee please reach out to a Facilities staff member to suggest a nominee, and work together to submit a nomination. 

Facilities Vice President’s Award winners 

Sterling "Tate" Tantum, Operations, Grounds and Building Maintenance
Cameron Clark, Operations, Building Services
Michael Denchak, Design and Construction
Handy Seldon, Operations Special Facilities
Jim Kane, Engineering & Campus Energy
Charles Krank, Grounds and Building Maintenance
Kenneth Grayson, Grounds and Building Maintenance
Antonio Sferra, Building Services
Pamela Slater, Housing and Real Estate Services
Thomas Emmons, Design and Construction
Robert Allen, Design and Construction
Eric Wachtman, Engineering and Campus Energy
Edward Dixon, Building Services
Michael Karl, Facilities Finance and Administrative Services
Robert Macfarlan, Grounds and Building Maintenance
Mark Pecaric, Grounds and Building Maintenance
Mary Banfield, Office of the Vice President for Facilities

Facilities Excellence Award winners

Laura Darrell, Operations
Lisa Nicolaison, Office of Sustainability
Lorine Murray-Mechini, Office of Capital Projects
Alex Karels, Office of the University Architect
Barbara Bell, Finance and Administrative Services
Paul Larzelere, Special Facilities
Morris Roberts, Operations Grounds and Building Maintenance
Jeffrey Zodda, Finance and Administrative Services
Gary Brancato, Engineering & Campus Energy
Vince Cuomo, Operations
Eileen Tarity, Grounds and Building Maintenance
Tom Massabrook, Site Protection
John McDaniel, Engineering and Campus Energy
David Usa, Grounds and Building Maintenance
Lucy Mitchell, Building Services
Donna Pope, Finance and Administrative Services
Stephen Deleo, Grounds and Building Maintenance
Jane Holland, Office of the Vice President for Facilities
Gwen Williams, Building Services
Catherine Rice-Medley, Building Services
Howard Sutphin, Dining Services 
James Wallace, Design and Construction
David Howell, Design and Construction
Cynthia Keith, Grounds and Building Maintenance
Paris Swain, Dining Services
Tonino Cifelli, Building Services
Oscar Smith, Dining Services 
Eric Witter, Facilities Finance and Administrative Services
Bernie LaFleur, Building Services
Robert Pazdan, Grounds and Building Maintenance
Phyllis Rodill, Housing and Real Estate Services
Ted Borer, Engineering and Campus Energy
Thomas Carom, Dining Services 
Walter Haupt, Grounds and Building Maintenance
Mark Bahadurian, Building Services
Lottie Manley, Dining Services 
Robert Talarick, Grounds and Building Maintenance
Joy Roberts, Dining Services
Steve Virostko, Design and Construction
Carlos Dertiano, Dining Services
Lorrie McGough, Real Estate 
Marie Rambough, Building Services
James McNeil, Building Services
John Mellody, Maintenance 
Matt Pietruszkiewicz, Dining Services
Gail Porter, Dining Services

Facilities Core Values Award

Jim Sullivan, Operations, Grounds and Building Maintenance

Friends of Facilities Award winners

Karen Jezierny, Director of Public Affairs
Forrest Meggers, Assistant Professor of Architecture and the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment
Princeton University Office of Environmental Health and Safety team
Conference and Event Services team, University Services
Paul LaMarche, Office of the Provost
Pat Byrne, Alison Cook, Kristin Frasier, Laurie Hebditch, Karen Sisti, and Betty Stein, College Administrators
Patricia Pokrocos, Human Resources
Kim Jackson, Transportation and Parking Services
Kristin Appelget, Community and Regional Affairs
Shirley Tilghman, President of the University, Emeritus
Hannah Ross, Office of the General Counsel
Dave Morreale, Office of Information Technology

NOTE: while nominations for the awards are limited to Facilities employees, a Princeton University community member could reach out to a Facilities staff member to suggest a nominee, and provide information for the nomination form.

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