If you live in off-campus housing where central air conditioning is not available, you may wish to purchase an air conditioning unit, which we can install for you.


  • Self-installation is not allowed in University buildings.
  • Air conditioning units are not allowed in campus dormitories.

Installation process

To request an air conditioning unit installation in off-campus housing:

  1. Purchase an air conditioning unit that meets the guidelines for your building’s windows.
  2. Submit a service request, including:
    •  your address
    • contact information
    • the exact window location for the placement of the unit (please consider electrical outlet placement when choosing your location)
  3. We will contact you to schedule your installation. Requests sent before May 1 can be scheduled in approximately two weeks; requests after May 1 will take longer to schedule.
  4. Place the air conditioner on the floor below the desired window.


You will be billed for installation of air conditioning units. The fee varies from building to building, and includes removal of the unit in the fall.

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