Event Building Access and Temperature Control

Building Access Requests

In September 2017 most classroom buildings began following standardized hours, remaining open until 8:30p.m. during the week and allowing TigerCard access to electronically controlled buildings from 7a.m. until midnight. On the weekends, TigerCards provide access to most electonically controlled classroom buildings from 7a.m. until 8:30p.m. Please visit Building Access for more details and to see a list of buildings following the standardized hours. If your event includes external guests, or is in a building not included on the list, please follow the directions below to request a building unlock for your event.

To request building access outside normal hours for you and/or your event guests: 

  • For security reasons, ONLY appointed building access coordinators (BACs) can request after-hours access to a building. Please contact the building access coordinator of the location you need to access and ask them to send a building unlock request to Facilities.
  • Please contact the BAC early enough to provide both them and Facilities time to activate the request. 

Temperature Control Requests

When you and/or your event are in a campus building outside of normal business hours we will probably need to program temperature adjustments. To save energy and costs, we program heating and cooling only in locations we KNOW are occupied. Please follow the directions below to let us know when you plan to use a space at times that differ from the space’s regularly scheduled use, and we will be happy to provide heating or cooling to the location.

To request heating or cooling for your event:

  • Email [email protected].
  • Please include the specific campus location and time range for temperature adjustments.

To report problems with heating, cooling or space access during normal working hours:

  • Please contact the Facilities Customer Service Center, 609-258-8000


There is no cost to you for adjusting the thermostat or opening a building or a room for your event. 

Did You Know

The Service Center (609-258-8000) is a centralized call center for every Facilities department. They handle approximately 60,000 inquiries per year via phone, web, and email.