Event Electricity

We support electrical needs for indoor and outdoor campus events. Your event will need electrician services if your event is located in a place without outlets or with insufficient electricity, and:

  • You have entertainment that requires electricity, such as a band, performer, or DJ; snow cone machines or beverage dispensers; or carnival rides or games
  • Caterers will be serving or preparing food.
  • You need additional or special outdoor lighting.
  • You are using a tent and need:
    • lighting inside
    • a lit exit sign (this is required by state law inside a tent with sides)
    • heaters (heaters are typically rented by the tent company; electrical service is a separate charge from us)

Our electricians are required to be on standby at any event requiring electrical service. They must be present at least one half-hour before the event (including band, entertainment, or food setup), remain present throughout the entire event, and stay one half-hour after the event is over.


Follow the Request a service link at the right, submit an Event Support Request and check Electrical in additional services. One of our event support experts will contact you to select and order the appropriate electrical needs for your event.

Please consider these questions to guide our discussion and decisions:

  • Where in the event site is electric needed?
  • What is the intended use of the equipment for which electric service is needed?
  • How will the equipment needing electric service be delivered to the site?
  • Who is providing the equipment?
  • How much power is required? How many circuits are needed? If power is needed for a band or other performer, their contract will usually specify these electric requirements.
  • Can you provide a copy of the performer's contract (if applicable)?
  • Does the equipment require any special plugs or connections?
  • Does your caterer have any special needs? Is there a contract specifying these needs?
  • Can you provide a copy of the caterer’s contract (if applicable)?


Services needed during normal business hours (weekdays, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.) are billed at our standard labor rate. Services needed after our normal business hours will be billed at premium labor rates. 

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