We provide fencing for outdoor events. Available fencing includes:

  • Plastic Barricades: Plastic "sawhorse" sytle barricades typically used to block off streets and parking lots.
  • Barricades: Gray or orange metal barricades typically used on parade routes.
  • Decorative fence: Decorative white fencing, or other styles, used for campus events.

If these fencing types do not suit your needs, we will work with you to find ideal fencing.


Follow the Request a service link at the right, submit an Event Support Request and check Fencing in additional services. One of our event support experts will contact you to select and order the best fencing for your event and budget. Please consider these questions to guide our discussion and decisions:

  • What purpose will the fence serve?
  • Is privacy an issue?
  • Does the fencing need to be decorative as well as functional?
  • Does your event require fencing for an alcohol initiative? (Please refer to Public Safety's website for more information)


You will be billed at our labor rates for fence installation or material fees, whichever is the lesser cost:

  • Metal barricades: $20 per 8’ section
  • Plastic barricades: $15 per 8’ section
  • White picket fence: $20 per 6’ section


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