Requesting Estimates

We strongly recommend that you request an estimate for any services that will be billed to you, especially for projects that may be large, complex, time-consuming, or uncertain.

We’ll meet with you to discuss your project needs so you can make an informed decision. Some of the things we consider in estimates include:

  • Is this a practical or cost-effective request? We will advise you if the requested work is impractical or if there’s a better use of your department’s money.
  • Is a pre-manufactured item a better solution? In some cases, your best choice may be to purchase a pre-manufactured item from a store or a catalog rather than have us build it for you.
  • Can some non-technical tasks be completed by your staff before we begin? Not all tasks require trade-related knowledge, such as moving furniture, removing wall-mounted items, shuttling a vehicle to the garage for service, picking up keys, or going to a store for supplies. Conserve your department’s financial resources by performing the tasks yourself, or using student help, before contracting our services.


When submitting a service request, please specify that you’d like an estimate before work begins. We will contact you to schedule a consultation and provide you with a cost estimate for your project.


Estimates are provided at no cost to you.