Work Order Charge Source Guidelines

Facilities provides a variety of services to support our beautiful campus. Many of your service requests help us support the basic functions of our campus grounds and buildings. Some service requests, however, are defined as 'discretionary', and will be charged to funds outside of Facilities.

The distinction between the types of services is important in determining if the service expense is charged to the general Facilities operating fund or to another source of funding. As of July 1, 2014, the online work request form provides five charge source options.

Facilities-funded Operating services?

Generally speaking the maintenance of an existing building's structure and electrical/heating systems, as well as the custodial care of University buildings, are the fiscal responsibility of the Facilities organization.

Examples of Operating funded work include:

  • Building & grounds repairs
  • Pest control
  • Routine painting
  • Routine custodial services

Customer-funded Department Charge or Sponsored Research Grant services?

Changes to a building's existing structure or systems capacity are considered department funded non-project work. Requests characterized as temporary, movable (removable), or decorative are funded by departments, as well as certain moving and event support services.

Department Charge chart string fields:

Required: Department ID, Fund Code
Optional: Program Code

Sponsored Research Grant chart string fields:

Required: Department ID, Fund Code, Project Code
Optional: Program Code

Examples of frequently requested customer-funded work include:

  • Adding a new piece of equipment in a building
  • Custom carpentry work
  • Blackboard, bulletin board or whiteboard installation
  • Furniture repair
  • Signs and nameplates
  • Lock changes not due to mechanical failure
  • Painting rooms outside the normal painting cycle

Project-funded Capital and Major Maintenance services?

If you require Facilities services associated with a project, you can obtain the appropriate charge source category and chart string numbers directly from the project manager. And if you forgot to ask the category, here's an easy way to tell the type of project-funding to select:

  • If your fund code is M0001, select Capital
  • If your fund code is M0002, select Major Maintenance

Capital chart string fields:

Required: Project Code
Optional: Program Code

Major Maintenance chart string fields:

Required: Project Code
Optional: Program Code