Heat Pump Heating Systems

Some University buildings use heat pumps to provide heat and cooling, specifically Lawrence Apartment Buildings 8 - 14 and the Helm building. 

Reporting problems

If you notice a problem with your heat, please call the Customer Service Center or submit a service request.

Heat delivery

Heat pumps provide heat and cooling by reversing the refrigerant cycle. The heat pumps in larger complexes are water source heat pumps. Most heat pumps also contain electric supplemental heating. 

Temperature control

Individual heat pump units are controlled by a thermostat. In Lawrence Apartments buildings 8 - 14, the thermostat allows the tenant to select heating or cooling and adjust the  temperature. In the Helm building temperatures are also monitored by our central energy management system.

After-hours in the Helm Building

The heating and cooling system automatically resets after normal business hours. To activate the system during evenings, weekends, and holidays:

  1. Locate the thermostat which displays a temperature nearest to the office you wish to occupy.
  2. Press the button labeled "Manual On." This will display a number indicating the number of minutes, after-hours, you want to run the system.
  3. If desired, press the button again to increase the number of minutes to run the system.
  4. The system will then turn on to the set point previously established, for the number of minutes you just specified.
Service category

Did You Know

The Service Center (609-258-8000) is a centralized call center for every Facilities department. They handle approximately 60,000 inquiries per year via phone, web, and email.