Hot Water Heating

Some University buildings are heated with hot water. Heat is turned on by October 15 of each year. However, when the outside temperature is 65 degrees or above, the system is designed to block heat to the building.

Reporting problems

If you notice a problem with your heat, please call the Customer Service Center or submit a service request.

Heat delivery

Hot water circulates through coils in a valance unit, mounted near a ceiling, and in radiators in some buildings. The coils heat the air, which radiates outward into the room through the natural convection process.

Temperature control

Buildings heated with hot water have thermostats installed in some rooms. The thermostat senses the temperature in the room and activates the flow of hot water to the valance unit when the temperature is either above or below the set point.

The thermostat is located on the wall near the door. To set the thermostat, move the dial and please remember our target temperatures of 68 degrees during cold weather and 72 degrees during hot weather.

Turning up the thermostat starts the flow of water into the valance unit, increasing the heat flow to the room. Turning down the thermostat stops the flow of water into the valance, decreasing the heat circulating to the room.

Service category

Did You Know

The Service Center (609-258-8000) is a centralized call center for every Facilities department. They handle approximately 60,000 inquiries per year via phone, web, and email.