Keyless Lock Card Readers

Many University dorms, academic and administrative buildings use one of our two keyless locking systems. These systems require a TigerCard, with proper credentials, to unlock the door. For increased security, some lock readers require a 4-digit pin as well. Dormatories have door-mounted Salto lock readers with keypads, and most other buildings have wall-mounted CACS lock readers with and without keypads. 

Hot Spots

To control security access to Salto door-mounted lock readers, you will need to present your TigerCard to a Hot Spot from time to time to update and validate your security profile. This will ensure you have the access needed to unlock your door. 

  • Students will be asked to visit a hotspot a minimum of 3x a year
  • Faculty and Staff will be asked to visit a hotspot a minimum of 1x a year

To report problems

Please review the TigerCard Reader Guide to help troubleshoot common problems. Contact the Customer Service Center to report broken door readers.

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