Service Request Forms

    Please use one of the forms below based on your SPECIFIC needs; each form is UNIQUE to help us help you as quickly as possible.


    Basic Work Order - for routine repairs, non-event issues, etc. 
    Please call us at 609-258-8000 with urgent/emergency issues.

    NOTE: for Undergraduate Laundry issues contact Caleco directly, 610-692-8000, 


    Event Support Services - for rental equipment, cleaning, and set up for events. 

    Resource Recovery

    Resource Recovery Website For The Public - view items for departmental use and to purchase for personal use
    Resource Recovery For University Employees - submit/reserve items for departmental use (requires login)
    NOTE: Coordinators, if you have items to send to Resource Recovery prior to your training, please email us, with the items you need to be picked up, their location, and a contact person, at


    Renovation/Capital Project form - seek approval for department renovations (requires login & VPN connection off-campus)
    NOTE: also for COVID signage and space modification requests

    If you would you like to say thank you, or job well done, fill out our Thank Someone in Facilities form and we will get your words of appreciation to the people involved! 

    Guidelines & Other Helpful Information


    • Equipment Rental Catalog provides photos and prices of our event rental items
    • Critical lead times to ensure we can provide the event support you need:
      • 4 months to order services/equipment for any day during reunions, class day or commencement
      • 3+ week before Large events to schedule equipment, shop services & resources
      • 2+ weeks before Tents are needed for township permits, utility markups, and scheduling the tent vendor 
      • 10 business days to order services during "busy times", i.e. Princeton Preview, opening exercises, football tailgates, etc.
      • 5 business days to order staging
      • 3 business days to order basic event support services (setup/cleanup, tables, fencing, etc.), e.g, for Monday events please submit your order by the Wednesday prior

    Resource Recovery


    Did you know?

    • The Service Center (609-258-8000) is a centralized call center for every Facilities department. They handle approximately 60,000 inquiries per year via phone, web, and email.