Stages & Flooring

We construct stages and flooring for events featuring speakers, bands, and performances. Available setups include:

  • Flooring: 42” x 42” sections, ground level, good for grassy areas
  • Outdoor wood platform/stage: 4’ x 8’ sections, with heights of 4” up to 1 foot
  • Indoor metal stage: 4’ x 8’ carpeted sections, with heights of 1 or 2 feet, steps may be required

When planning for stages, we consider safety issues regarding the elevation of the stage, installation issues relative to the site's topography, and ways to protect campus grounds. We will work with you to place the stage in the best spot to meet your needs while considering these factors.


Follow the request a service link at the right and select the Event Support Request Form. This form provides critical information for your event not asked on the regular service request form). Please ensure you check Platform/Stages in additional services. One of our event support experts will contact you to select and order the best items for your event and budget.

Please consider these questions to guide our discussion and decisions:

  • How will the stage be used?
  • Will the stage be inside or outside?
  • Where would you like to locate the stage on the site?
  • Will the stage be within a tent? Stages within tents will displace tables and significantly decrease seating/standing capacity within the tent.
  • If this stage is to be used as a performance stage, have you spoken to the performer and asked his/her requirements?


Labor fees are included in the materials fees below:

  • Flooring: $25 per section, for non-elevated needs such as dance floors or ADA accessibility
  • Outdoor wood platform/stage: $150 per section, with or without carpet (carpet upon request) 
  • Indoor metal stage: $150 per section, carpet included
  • Steps for indoor metal stages: one set included with a 1-foot high stage, $50 per set for a 2-foot high stage or when more than one set is required/requested for either height


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