Although we do not have tents available to rent, we will gladly assist you in renting through a local company to ensure that the tent you order meets your event needs.


Follow the Request a service link at the right, submit an Event Support Request and check Tents in additional services. One of our event support experts will contact you to select and order the best tent for your event and budget.

Please consider these questions to guide our discussion and decisions:

  • What type of event will be held in this tent?
  • How many people will attend this event?
  • Will you need to seat everyone at one time (or in stages) at tables and chairs?
  • Will you need a stage inside the tent? Stages will displace tables and chairs. You will need to leave space around and in front of the stage for proper access and for the comfort of guests both on the stage and at nearby tables or seats.
  • Do you require auditorium-style seating and a podium/stage in your tent for this event? The tent's capacity will be determined by areas available for seating, the number and width of the aisles, and the stage/ podium size.
  • Do you have a preference for table shape or size? We typically recommend 5’ round tables (8 people per table), which allows for comfortable seating and spacing. If you use 6’ round tables in the same area, the tent capacity will be increased, but spacing will not be as comfortable. If you space 6’ round tables to attain comfortable seating, tent capacity will decrease.
  • Do you prefer rectangular banquet tables? 8' banquet tables can generally achieve higher seating capacity over round tables, but at a loss of aesthetics. If using banquet tables, you can comfortably seat four guests on each long side and no one at the ends.
  • Will you require buffet and serving areas? Talk to your caterer regarding space and electrical needs for buffet lines, bars, and other food services.
  • Would you like the tent to have sides? Illuminated exit signs are required whenever tent side walls cover more than two sides of the tent, and we will need to consult with the University Fire Marshall.
  • Do you require heat or electricity in this tent? Heaters are supplied by the tent company for a fee. Electrician services will be required.


It is imperative that you finalize your plans prior to ordering a tent. Once a tent has been ordered and the order has been confirmed, you may cancel up to three days prior to the date of the event. After this, you will be charged for the tent regardless of whether or not your event happens.


Rental fees depend on tent size and are available upon request. Tent rentals can be expensive. If you are thinking of using a tent, we strongly encourage you to check the price early in your planning process.

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