Due to space limitations, Facilities can offer storage to students in specific situations. Please read on to see if you qualify, and if not, we still have storage suggestions for you.


  • Monday - Fridays  9:30am – 11:45am and 12:45pm - 2:30pm
  • Call 609-258-8000 when you arrive at your appropriate location during our open hours
  • When access to storage is limited:
    • Storage is closed when the University is officially closed, e.g. holidays, snow days, etc.
    • Storage typically closes on the last day of exams in the spring due to our reunion and commencement event support



  1. Timing is everything - please PLAN your dropoff to our admittedly limited hours, before you're rushing to catch your train/plane/bus/car
  2. You provide the boxes, we'll provide you with labels when you bring your items to storage
  3. Keep track of the ticket stub we give you when you store items, you will need it when picking up your items 

    Approved Storage Situations and Locations:

    • Interim Housing during Reunions/Commencement - Gauss Hall basement, first entry
      • Status determined by the Housing Department
        • Students with summer housing contracts, that don't start until after reunions 
        • Students working reunions, and then leave for the summer 
      • Luggage and small furniture, in addition to boxes, are allowed
    • International students - Fisher Hall basement, Whitman College 
      • Undergraduates residing on campus only 
      • Two boxes only
      • Very limited storage space - first come, first serve - no reservations
    • Outdoor Action leaders - Gauss Hall basement, first entry
      • Two boxes of items you will use on your next outdoor trip
    • Study Abroad students - 1938 or 1939 Halls
      • Status determined by the Office of the Dean of the College
      • Boxes only, no furniture is allowed
      • Storage location for fall semester: 1938 Hall basement, first entry
      • Storage location for spring semester: 1939 Hall basement, first entry

    Other storage suggestions

    The Princeton University Student Agencies, Moving and Storage, 609-258-4906, is a fantastic storage option. They will pick up your items, store them, and deliver them to your dormitory in the fall. Bicycles may also be stored for a fee when brought to a drop-off point.

    If you decide you no longer need some items, skip storage altogther and give your stuff a second life by donating it during Move Out. Nearly everything is reusable and initiatives such as the EcoRep/Pace Move out and the Graduate Student Furniture Drive make donating easy.

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