When submitting an invoice please remember:

  • Use the new FPO Contract Payment Request Portal to submit invoices for Facilities Procurement Office-issued contracts, release orders, and construction orders only.
  • You will need a valid FPO Contract Number to access the Web Form to upload your invoice document * FPO Contract Numbers have ten (10) alpha numeric digits and begin with the letter ‘F’, formatted as FA#######A (A= alpha characters, # = numeric characters).
    • If you don’t enter a valid, active FPO Contract Number, you will be provided a link to the Alternate Email Form to submit your invoice document via email. Please understand this form does take a bit longer to go through our approval process.
  • Once the FPO contract number is validated, you will be asked to enter the following information to submit each invoice:
    • Company and contact information
    • Invoice number, date, and amount
    • Attach a PDF copy of your invoice of unlimited file size, however there is a 25MB file limitation when transmitting files via the alternate email form.
  • Submit only one invoice per form. After you submit an invoice, you will have an option to submit others using your contact information already entered.

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